Harceles The New Hercules

Most of the current generation grew up with the idea of superheroes being the order of the day. During the 20th and 21st century was characterized with many superheroes. It was common to see many kids wearing masks of their favorite superheroes. One of the most loved heroes of all times was Hercules. In other cultures, Hercules was referred to Harceles. Flash forward to current modern world heroes and you will see they too have the same qualities just like Harceles. Here are some of the special qualities associated with Harceles of the modern day.



Loyalty – the superheroes have the loyalty to either themselves or to the people they are sent to protect. It is common to see that a superhero is willing to die just to save the people he or she is sent to protect. Loyalty is something that was depicted by Hercules to his people in the past. It is the same thing that Superman does to protect the people of earth.

They operate at the basic level – let us face it; the superheroes are always trying to fit into the society even when they have amazing superpowers. It is also easy to spot that they too have flaws like other human beings. The flaws make vulnerable to the enemy, even with all that power. They will always tend to try to overcome the flaws and problems of other people than looking at themselves.

Superheroes need villains – the superheroes need a villain or several for them to become famous. In all movies that involve superheroes, there is one villain that makes the life of the superhero just unbearable. He has always to be alert in any case the villain causes trouble. During the time of Hercules, there were a number of villains that made him work harder to protect his people. See how much Batman had to fight the Joker in order to protect the people of Gotham. That is just one example, but all movies based on heroes there is always a villain.

Every hero has a heart – it is the heart that makes a person become a hero. Using their heart, it is when the hero decides to use his power to do good for the society. It is always said that power comes with a great responsibility. Most superheroes feel the urge to protect and help other people. All the superhero movies have a situation when the superhero has to show up and save the day.

From the above features, it is easy to note that the superheroes of today have the same responsibility and qualities just like Hercules in the past.

Hercules is quite a celebrated hero of all times. Many people love to show their power prowess through doing several things in life. Some people love to live like superheroes. Living like a superhero does not involve having a lot of muscle. It is all about the thinks you do make other people feel special. You will be a hero to such people even if you do not have the body of a superhero.

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Hercules is an iconic character from the Greek mythology. Thus, he gained followers and avid fans even up to this day. Mainstream movies portraying Hercules’ story became a big hit and earned large sums of money because it has an action theme that everybody likes. Cartoon television shows about him are also popular to kids because of the values and moral of the story that every episode displays. Some people make a blog site that is contains all about Hercules, including his story and family members, cartoons, and games with the story of him. Since Hercules is very famous, there are lots of blogs about him. If you want to increase visitors and compete with other, you should consider buying website traffic on this website.